What diseases can be treated with the medicinal leech?

Treatment by means of the medicinal leech is not for everyone.

In this section you will learn about the diseases and conditions, for which the use of leeches is recommended, and also when this use is dangerous.

This section also considers indications and contraindications concerning leech therapy.

Medicinal leech usage

Have you decided to be treated by medicinal leech?

You should attentively read the following section concerning the use of the medicinal leech.

Good awareness means lesser risk of misuse, due to which you can be disappointed. Make sure you use leeches responsibly!

Where to buy the medicinal leech?


Most likely, you have already heard of the treatment by means of the medicinal leech, and you know that it can help you and people in your life.

You must be careful in choosing where to buy leeches! They are quite expensive, so some speculators sell used leeches to

trusting people, and this is unacceptable.

Buy only healthy leeches!

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