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Selling certified medicinal leeches in Sheffield!

The registered Civil Association dealing with the promotion and development of hirudotherapy in Slovakia and the Czech Republic offers you to buy medicinal leeches. These medicinal leeches are stored only in hygienic conditions at the biofarm, which is the supplier of the medicinal leech to hospitals and medical centers.

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„I must say I was happy with my order. Shipping was fast and the advice on their use was also to a high standard. „

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With your purchase you support the development of hirudotherapy in Slovakia. The funds raised with your purchase are our investment in the further development of hirudotherapy, for example, creation of interesting news items, publications, and training seminars, and promotion in the media.

Hirudotherapy helps in boosting immunity; it restores balance in the body and improves human health in general. Leeches have a beneficial effect on the body and stimulate the appropriate reaction of the nervous system.

Leeches purchased in summer require a more frequent change of water, since water becomes dirty faster due to metabolism of leeches which acts quickly in summer.